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THROUGH THEIR SOUL-LEVEL AGREEMENT that includes communication by mental telepathy, Matthew Ward, who died in 1980, and his mother Suzanne have produced books on spirituality and metaphysics. Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven describes in detail the soul's transition from Earth to Heaven and the vibrant life in that realm. Our cosmic beginnings and channeled information from extraterrestrial civilizations are featured in Revelations for a New Era. Illuminations for a New Era, which explains Earth changes and the role of extraterrestrials in our planet's healing and ascension, has timely messages from God. Voices of the Universe shows how we are creating our lives and our world and simultaneously affecting the universe accordingly.

SUZANNE'S TELEPATHIC CONNECTION WITH ANIMALS opened in 2002 and seven years later, she published Amusing to Profound — My Conversations with Animals.

Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven

A Firsthand Description of the Afterlife

Heaven’s purpose, location, diverse activities and reunion of souls. Spiritual guides. Channeling communication between Heaven and Earth. Near-death experience. Animals in Heaven. Past lives, reincarnation and karma.

Revelations for a New Era
Keys to Restoring Paradise on Earth

Our connection with extraterrestrials assisting in ongoing Earth changes. Human origins and evolution. God and Creator. Universal energy attachments and effects. Whales. Human cloning. Composition of the soul. Reptilians. Auras and karma. Mind control. Spiritual response to terrorism.

Illuminations for a New Era
Understanding These Turbulent Times

Messages from God. Healing power of love. Extraterrestrial cooperation during Earth’s spiritual ascension and world peace progress. Universal energy in meditation, emotions and beliefs. Chemtrails. Planet X/Nibiru. Vaccinations. Crop circles. Indigo children.

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Voices of the Universe
Your voice affects the universe    Let it be with LOVE

How we affect our world and the universe. Direct communication with God. Significance of synchronicity in our lives. The need for discernment. Politics from God’s perspective. The Illuminati. Clarification of ascended masters. Evolution of an ancient civilization. Reptilian commander’s message. NESARA. Thought form transference. ET assistance on the planet and from space.

Earth’s Golden Age
Life beyond 2012

This book describes some of the civilizations that are helping Earth and us to ascend and forthcoming dynamic changes in our world. Earth's Golden Age

Amusing to Profound
I and II

My Conversations with Animals, I and II Suzanne’s telepathic connection with animals opened in 2002. The book she wrote seven years later, Amusing to Profound — My Conversations with Animals, shows that animals’ intelligence and emotions far exceed what usually is attributed to them. The original book and a sequel that was published by that title I and II in 2012 gives even deeper insight into animals’ love bonds with their families.

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Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven
Amusing to Profound - My Conversations with Animals

Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven audio book read by Pete and Makeda Hawk    Amusing to Profound: My Conversations with Animals audio book read by Pete and Makeda Hawk
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The French edition of Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven (Matthieu, raconte-moi ta vie au paradis) can be purchased in Québec through can be purchased in Québec through this LINK and in Europe through Amazon.fr

The French edition of Revelations for a New Era (Révélations pour une ère nouvelle) can be purchased in Québec through this LINK (there is a 25% discount if you buy both books from Éditions Ariane in Québec) and in Europe through Amazon.fr.

Find information about the Italian edition of Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven here.

Contact edituraforyou@b.astral.ro for Romanian editions of all four Matthew Books and one book with many of Matthew's messages.

I don't know who distributes Dutch, Hungarian, Japanese, Danish, Chinese, German and Spanish editions, but I can provide publisher contact information to anyone who is interested. suzy@matthewbooks.com